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Once completely turn each wheel. Alien bodies, for example, small stones, take out a narrow screw-driver, trying thus will not damage a profile of tyres. The tyre profile according to the law of 1992 should be depth a minimum of 1,6 mm on all width of a protector. But for the sake of safety it is necessary to change tyres at achievement of deterioration of residual width of a profile of 3 mm as wide-profile tyres Audi A4 on wet road emerge earlier, than narrow tyres of cars of old models. For deterioration check the eminences which are passing on identical distances across a working surface in grooves of a profile serve. They are designated on sides of tyres by letters «TWI» (Tread Wear Indicator – an indicator of deterioration of the tyre). If these cambers are at one height with protector drawing at the tyre residual depth of 1,6 mm – it is necessary to change tyres urgently. On character of deterioration of a profile it is possible to draw some conclusions about which it is written in following section.

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