сэндвич-панели из металл-профиля

Include a manual brake, 1st transfer or a backing. If you on the journey include the alarm system and expose warning triangle. Secure wheels on the other hand the car from качения , for example, prop up stones or wooden брусками . Wire hook from a set of onboard tools insert into one of apertures of a decorative cap and remove it. In rims from easy metal with the closed fastening insert a screw-driver into dredging from outside a cap and wring out a cap. In rims from easy metals with visible bolts remove caps of bolts. The synthetic clip will help with it from a set of onboard tools. If is, that, having put on the adapter (from a set of onboard tools), open a fixing bolt. Loosen the bolts only on one turn. Establish a jack obliquely, having turned outside, on the place intended for it at a body bottom edge. The jack should grasp a vertical crosspiece of a body. If a ground soft, enclose under a jack a plate. Lift the car. Completely unscrew bolts. Designate position of a wheel concerning a nave. Remove a wheel, put the spare. The centering pin from a set of onboard tools if you preliminary screw up it in an aperture of a wheel bolt thus can help. With the most thin layer grease a cone and a carving of wheel bolts. In regular intervals, cross-wise wrap bolts. Thus rotate a wheel forward and back that it was faultlessly aligned on a nave. Lower the car, tighten bolts (110 Nanometers). Establish заслонки or a decorative cap. At presence заслонки pay attention to cut for the tyre valve. Having passed small distance, check up fastening of bolts on durability.

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