остекление окон из ПВХ

window raiser with the electric drive The functioning mode Glass lifts is defined not only switches, but also the management block window lifterами on a support with additional relays at the left under a control panel. Functioning: at the included ignition glass at doors of the driver or the passenger near to the driver slides upwards or down to an emphasis by short pressing or отжатия the switch. Thus glass movement stops if shortly to press a key in an opposite direction. From reasons of safety such comfortable way of inclusion in back doors exists only for glass descent. At the switched off ignition by pressing the button all glasses move against the stop only downwards. Glass moves upwards only in the event that the key window lifterа is pressed. Protection of children: window raiser with the electric drive in back doors are blocked by the central switch in an armrest of a door of the driver. The antijoy ride device: if at the switched off engine the door of the driver opens and is again closed, all window raiser are disconnected. Comfortable closing: in all cars where is window raiser with the electric drive, they can be closed simultaneously at closing of a door of the driver and a door of the passenger near to the driver. For this purpose it is necessary hardly to take longer a key in position "is closed". In the presence of a sliding roof with the electric drive it too is thus closed. Protection at jamming: If at lifting upwards glass encounters an obstacle it begins at once movement in the opposite direction and falls on some centimetres. Malfunctions  PERFORMANCE ORDER

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