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The present wheel bolts for rims from a steel and easy metals from Audi learn on notches on a head of bolts. On Audi A4 it is possible to put rims with following designations: 6 J Х 15 ET 45 or 7 J Х 15 ET 45. Sometimes on a rim still there is an additional designation «Н2». Figures and letters mean the following: 6 or 7: the width of a rim in inches, is measured on a basis onboard закраины rims across a direction of movement of a wheel. J: a designation of height onboard закраины rims. Х : depth of dredging of a rim. 15: diameter of a rim in inches, is measured from a board to a tyre cover board. ЕТ 45: depth запрессовки 45 mm. Н2: a designation of a rim with double хампом . Two cambers inside, in a rim box, do not allow tyre boards to slide off with its onboard закраины at lateral loading (sharp turn at low pressure of air). Wheel bolts and rims is a system Wheel bolts and rims represent constructive unity and consequently they cannot be divided. The conic nest in fixing apertures of rims precisely corresponds to a cone of a wheel bolt. Other forms of a cone cannot guarantee reliable landing of a bolt and, hence, wheel fastening. For rims (the steel and easy metal), established on Audi A4 at factory, approach exclusively so-called bolts with корончатыми heads (details № 431 601 139). They are learnt on notches above on a bolt head. Rims for winter tyres Winter tyres should be bought at once with corresponding steel rims. At first sight it is more expensive, but, on the other hand, relieves of regular shift and balancing of wheels. Shinnye shops often offer complete sets under the similar price. For winter tyres they offer standard rims 6 J х 15. Or second-hand rims are bought. Rims from easy metals under the influence of salts can корродировать to a condition, unsafe for traffic. Therefore damages of a covering rim of a varnish need to be eliminated as soon as possible.

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