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Back disk brakes The same as on a forward axis, disk brakes of a back axis are so-called brakes with кулачковыми supports. In addition to a hydraulic drive of a foot brake disk brakes of back wheels can be put in action also cables of a manual brake. By means of the lever to which the brake cable is attached, the brake piston nestles on an overlay a pusher. It is necessary to notice that brakes of back wheels in front-wheel and all-wheel drive models differ type шарнирного connections of a cable of a manual brake, but in the rest it is a question of the same brakes. Automatic adjustment In cars automatic adjustment of disk brakes is structurally caused: in process of deterioration of an overlay the brake piston simply leaves further the case of a brake support and provides constant прилегание overlays to a brake disk. At the expense of a brake liquid flowing after it a backlash not образовывается . Not so business is at a mechanical control a manual brake: here the pusher of draughts of a manual brake sometime will not get the piston which has been far put forward outside if additional adjustment is not carried out. It "extends" a pusher depending on requirement. Adjustment basis is the carving on which the second detail unscrews forward in process of deterioration of overlays – so the press device becomes longer. Therefore at replacement of overlays the brake piston cannot be wrung out simply back, it needs to be screwed up on the adjusting mechanism.

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