короткий зимний женский пуховик

Fill a broad tank with a fresh brake liquid and during prorolling constantly watch (!) timely addition of a liquid before its level will fall. Otherwise air will again be soaked up. Sequence of actions: behind on the right; behind at the left; ahead on the right; ahead at the left. Remove a dustproof cap from the prorolling valve. Put on a transparent hose (as from system of washing of glasses) the wiped union and lower the free end of a hose in the capacity partially filled with a brake liquid. Let your assistant, swinging a brake pedal, will create brake pressure. Unscrew the prorolling valve on a corresponding wheel approximately on 11/2 turns and lower pressure. Thus the assistant holds a foot on a pedal and wrings out it. Close the valve and again pump up pressure. As open the valve. Repeat this process until in a hose air vials will not be visible any more. (If the hydraulic system has strongly become empty, pump over it twice.) In such a way through the valve the brake liquid and, certainly, together with it air is pumped over. If vials of air are not present more, let your assistant keeps a pedal in the lowest position, and you at this time close the prorolling valve. Tighten it cautiously, differently will strip a thread. Pump over systems on other brakes of wheels in precisely same way.

Подскажите,что сделать с колбасным сыром? натереть на тёрке с чесноком и добавить майонез в качестве наполнителя — хорошо развареный рис. Очент вкусно намазывать на хлеб Просто кушать! можно сделать вкусные шашлычки из овощей с таким сыром) Сделать салат….