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The block of management throttle заслонкой in the engine with working volume 1,6 l basically is identical to the block of the engine with working volume 1,8 l, though assembly position at it another. By figures are designated: 1 – connection knot to power supplies; 2 – the lever throttle заслонки . In the so-called block of management throttle заслонкой three separate knots known on other systems of injection as functional blocks are united. Throttle заслонка . It is connected by a cable with a pedal in salon and doses out a stream of fresh air in the engine. The the gas pedal is more pressed, the opens throttle заслонка more strongly, at full gas it is opened completely. Potentiometer throttle заслонки . The potentiometer throttle заслонки defines position throttle заслонки on given the moment in a range from idling (throttle заслонка it is closed) to full gas (throttle заслонка is opened completely). On the basis of its information the valve of stabilisation of the idling, also integrated in a branch pipe throttle заслонки becomes more active, there is a switching-off of draught or mix enrichment at full loading. The valve of stabilisation of idling. It lets in the dosed out additional quantity of air channels всасывания for throttle заслонкой at a stage of warming up of the engine, at full turn сервоуправления , at working climatic installation or the established step of automatic transfer. The raised stream of air in a direction of the soaking up pipeline is distinguished by a measuring instrument of a stream of fresh air and as consequence causes the raised giving of fuel. Thus, there is a decrease in the raised friction in not heated-up engine or at the raised loading on the engine for the account сервонасоса , the compressor of climatic installation or automatic transfer which take away capacity from the engine. Pressure regulator

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