каркас дома из бруса

Suck away as much as possible liquid from a broad tank (by means of the big medical syringe). Dismantle control panel facing at the left below (the head Salon ). Enclose under the working cylinder an old rag, disconnect submitting hose and allow to flow down to the liquid rest in a rag. From outside an impellent compartment unscrew a delivery hose to the main cylinder. Unscrew two fixing bolts with internal шестигранниками at the working cylinder. Cast away back a lock collar шарнирного a finger (connection of a pedal and the working cylinder), squeeze out a finger. Now it is possible to remove the cylinder. At installation of the new cylinder the rod pressing the piston of the working cylinder, should be adjusted so that the coupling pedal was approximately on 10 mm above a brake pedal. Necessarily track: the returnable spring should wring out a pedal properly. Thus the pedal in rest position should not adjoin above to the arm. Otherwise the piston of the working cylinder in rest position cannot move to a back emphasis. For adjustment ослабьте a counternut on a press rod also turn press a rod to the left or to the right about the axis. Then again tighten a counternut. Pump over hydraulic system of coupling.

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