федеральная программа цифровой экономики

On this model in a cut it is visible that each valve of injection (3) makes injection in soaking up pipe (4). Fuel arrives to it from a distributive tube (1), signals for injection go through cable connection (2) to the management block. At each turn коленвала they inject gasoline into the channel всасывания in front of the inlet valve of the corresponding cylinder – duration is defined by the management block. The gauge of temperature of soaked up air At турбодвигателе capacity of 110 kw it is in воздухозаборном a hose and can precisely take temperature of air submitted турбокомпрессором . The information on temperature arrives in the block of management in the form of resistance size. It is used for an optimum dosage of fuel. Hot турбокомпрессор depending on a working condition strongly heats up soaked up air. The gauge of temperature of a cooling liquid The temperature of a cooling liquid is used at management of several functions of injection: at enrichment of a toplivno-air mix during start of the cold engine, послестартового enrichments (on all range of temperatures), at enrichment during accelerations and draught switching-off. The information on temperature of a cooling liquid is transferred in the management block also in the form of resistance size. He counts correct time of injection which in the heated-up engine makes from 2 to 8 мс . This size can increase almost on 70 % when the temperature goes down to the Arctic level–25 °С . Measuring instrument of a stream of fresh air In a stream of soaked up air there is an electrospending plate which is warmed up in the electroway. Depending on quantity of soaked up air its stream which cools a plate more strongly or more poorly varies. Temperature change causes change of electric resistance of a conductor. This measured size is used by the management block.

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