ремонт слуховых окон

If any glass does not move, check up automatic switches in nests 22 and 23 in «a 8-seater support of the relay» at the left under a control panel on conductivity. Check of switches: If one does not work only window lifter try to put it in action from the second switch. Thus you can establish, whether there is a malfunction source in the first switch. Such check cannot be spent with glass to doors of the driver. Remove door facing. For the sake of experience change in places sockets of switches so that glass at doors of the driver was put in action by definitely serviceable switch. Check of a bringing wire: if the switch is perfectly in order, disconnect a wire socket in the engine window lifterа and check up the voltmeter a socket, whether really arrive on window lifter correct signals. If pressure indicators correct a defect source there is an engine Glass lifts . But if on the engine pressure does not move, check up a wire and the management block. Bad movement of glass can be a consequence jammed directing windows.

Если вы хотите сменить обстановку, то горы Троодоса расположенные в центе Кипра прекрасно подойдут для прогулок в хорошую погоду. Горы достигают почти 2000 метров в высоту, здесь можно осмотреть драматические Горы Олимпа, нижние холмы, усеянные террасы с виноградниками и очаровательными деревнями идеально подходят для спокойных прогулок.