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Control bulb of gymnastics At a control bulb in the combined device two плюсовых connections: first, on plug D + the generator (a dark blue wire) and, secondly, on the plug 15 through green многоштырьковый I will corrode behind on the device (a black/red wire), going from the ignition lock. At ignition inclusion on the plug 15 pressure moves. But the generator yet does not work, therefore disconnected contact D + operates as "minus". The control bulb since between pressure of the onboard network receiving a food from the accumulator, and distinction exists pressure of the still not working generator lights up. When the engine is started also the generator reaches numbers of turns of gymnastics then a pressure regulator connects the generator to the onboard electrotechnical equipment. Now плюсовой the current arrives from the plug 15 and in addition from plug D +. Thanks to it already there is no distinction in pressure, the control bulb of gymnastics dies away. The control bulb is not so necessary for so-called «preliminary excitation» alternating current generator, in Audi A4 it occurs already during engine start through the plug of the lock of ignition 50а. Not always there are gymnastics That the accumulator is charged from the generator, the gone out control bulb does not prove. It says only that there is no distinction in pressure between the accumulator and the generator more. If, for example, at engine work on single turns all consumers of a current are included, the control bulb does not light up, though is consumed more current of the accumulator, than can give less powerful generators: nevertheless there is no distinction in pressure in comparison with the accumulator.

Автомобиль купе BMW i100 ActiveHybrid если верить фактам, то еще даже не существует, но вот если обратить внимание на слухи, этот электрокар будет выпущен компанией БМВ в 2013 году. Именно в то самое время, на которое запланировал выпуск своего автомобиля компания Audi. Как говориться в некоторых источниках, данная новинка будет оснащена довольно мощным двигателем. Объем которого составляет три литра. Его мощность примерно равна 165-185 лошадиных сил. Кроме того, нВ наличии будет еще два электрических двигателя, которые принесут дополнительно еще 100 лошадок. Что касается...

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