натуральная антивозрастная косметика

The control of level ATF in an automatic transmission In an automatic transmission the synthetic liquid, English name Automatic Transmission Fluid is filled in. It serves as lubricant means and a transmission control facility. ATF should have admission Audi, and Audi allows to use only ATF with designation ESSO LT 71141. In a warehouse of spare parts this ATF is offered at number of detail G052 152 162 A1 or А2. Unlike the previous models in А4 is not present probeа for measurement of level ATF. Today check of level ATF became the long procedure spent in a workshop which can be carried out only by means of the device for reading of malfunctions V.A.G 1551 for storing, only it can define exact temperature of oil in a transmission. It has crucial importance for correct level of oil as ATF under the influence of temperature strongly extends. Therefore check of level ATF is spent only in a workshop. Liquid level is checked only through each 30 000 km. An exception: case of a transmission strongly soiled by oil calls for premature check!

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