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On the schedule recommendations of firms Audi/Volkswagen concerning viscosity of oil are shown: And – all-weather oils according to standard VW 500 00; In – all-weather oils according to standard VW 500 01. The named parametres are understood as for a long time operating temperatures. Short-term fluctuations do not play a role. Classes of oils it agree SAE The society of autotractor engineers (Society of Automotive Engineers, the USA) has divided all oils on degree of their viscosity into classes. Classification of engine oils begins with liquid winter oil (winter – Winter) SAE 5 W, 10 W, 15 W, then intermediate step SAE 20 W/20 and comes to an end with viscous summer oils (summer – Sommer) SAE 30, 40 and 50. Seasonal oil Seasonal oil was the cheapest engine oil earlier. For optimum greasing of the engine in it it is necessary to fill in dense or liquid seasonal oil according to a season. Now seasonal oils are not on sale almost (Germany means), but they still are often applied in motor-vehicle pools. Application of seasonal oil in Audi A4 is not provided. All-weather oil More трудозатратное in manufacturing and consequently more expensive, than seasonal oil, all-weather oil has found today the widest application. For improvement of vjazkostno-temperature properties (VI) in it long chains of molecules which at heating inflate contain as an additive and are again compressed at cooling. In this connection oil can plastically adapt to temperature and under the characteristics to cover some classes of viscosity. Oil SAE 15 W-50 at temperature–15 °С corresponds to a class of viscosity 15 W and at 100 °С – to a class 50. All-weather oils of classes SAE 10 W-30 and 10 W-40 are not recommended for application in engines Audi in a warm season.

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