Обработка паркетного и дощатого пола

Check up all connecting knots and connection points, and also brake supports. Brake hoses should not be damp, bulked up or erased. Otherwise – replace. Brake tubes are covered by the protective layer protecting from a rust. If this layer is damaged, it can lead to rust occurrence. Therefore never clean pipes a screw-driver, an emery paper or a wire brush, use an old rag. If the protective layer is damaged, on the bared places it is necessary to apply a thin film an anticorrosive first coat. With flows of a rust or flattened it is necessary to replace tubes. On all unions of prorolling there are protective caps? They are above on supports. You can temporarily inspect pressure in brake system: Up to the end wring out a brake pedal. It should not give in even after several minutes of full loading, if it not so the cuff in the main brake cylinder is defective. Because of not tight cuff level of a brake liquid in a tank does not go down, the liquid under pressure squeezes by the piston of the main brake cylinder on that party where there is no pressure. Not tight sites on cuffs of pistons of brake supports are distinguished on dark stains on brake supports. In a doubtful case address in a workshop.

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