автомобили Мазда 3 и Mazda 6

Such gauges of number of turns (2) are established on all four wheels in apertures (1) suspension brackets of an axis. Behind them according to frequency of rotation of wheels gear elastic washers rotate. Only four gauges fix speed of rotation of each wheel and hand over this information in the electronic block of management. On its basis the electronic block of management regulates work of the hydraulic module. Gauges of number of turns consist of the magnetic core and the coil and are mounted on small distance from a gear disk – a rotor. The rotor – its name speaks for itself – rotates together with a wheel and forces to rotate зубцевидные cambers on its perimetre by the gauge faster or more slowly depending on speed. Each tooth which is passing under the gauge, induces short lifting of pressure in the gauge. In such a way in the gauge the alternating voltage which changes the frequency according to speed of rotation of a wheel is created. The signal arising thus is processed by the electronic block of management as the information on number of turns of a wheel. In Audi A4 rotors take places on two or on four (quattro) drivers wheels on the external hinge of a power shaft and on naves неdrivers back wheels. The electronic block of management

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