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Check of giving of pressure: dismantle facing of a compartment of the engine with working volume 1,6 l (the head Engines ); at the engine with working volume 1,8 l in the beginning pull upwards for back edge a cover over injection valves, then take out it from the forward party. Disconnect sockets of valves of injection. For this purpose wring out on their underside wire clamps. Connect to contacts of the disconnected socket the indicator of pressure with a light-emitting diode. Let your assistant will turn the engine a starter. The light-emitting diode of the indicator of pressure should flash, otherwise defect in a wire brought to valves of injection, or in the block of management Motronic. Check of valves of injection: disconnect all sockets of valves of injection. Connect an ohmmeter to both contacts of the first valve of injection. Nominal size: 14–16 W (the engine 1,6) and 11–13 W (the engine 1,8). Deeper check (a kind of a stream and tightness): Dismantle injection valves together with a distributive tube – see in the head above. But sockets of wires remain connected, and gasoline pipe lines screwed. Close resembling stoppers of an aperture in injection valves. Lower injection valves in four measured glasses. Let your assistant within several seconds turns the engine a starter: an injection stream should be identical at all valves. Then the picture of a kind of a stream is perfectly in order. Disconnect all sockets of valves of injection. Switch off ignition and then include it approximately on 5 with: from each valve should act no more than 2 drops. In this case valves are tight.

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