Постройка домов на земельном участке в 15 соток

The four-cylinder engine: dismantle воздухозаборный a hose, having unscrewed two screws with crosswise heads on a face-to-face part of the car. Wring out above on a cover two fixing collars. Remove upwards the top part of a cover. At installation track that the cover has been correctly inserted by a bottom edge into an opposite detail, otherwise it will not be reliably fixed. In most cases it is enough to dismantle the top part of a cover. To dismantle also the bottom part of a cover, more difficult. Result a face-to-face part of the car in service position (the head of the Detail of a body ). Dismantle вязкостный the fan (the head cooling System ). Remove a klinovo-ridge belt and unscrew the mechanism of a tension of a belt. Unscrew a pulley of a klinovo-ridge belt at коленвала and a pulley of a klinovo-ridge belt of the water pump. Loosen the fixing bolts or nuts of the bottom cover of a gear belt also remove it. At installation bolts are tightened as follows: a pulley of a klinovo-ridge belt at коленвала with the moment of an inhaling of 25 Nanometers (watch fixing), pulleys of a klinovo-ridge belt at the water pump on 20 Nanometers, nuts or bolts of a cover of a gear belt on 10 Nanometers. The 6-cylinder engine: dismantle вязкостный the fan. Dismantle a klinovo-ridge belt with a tension roller of a klinovo-ridge belt. Loosen the from above and from below on each half of cover of a gear belt on one coupling collar. Cautiously take out a cover from other hooks.

МИНИ изъявляет желание вновь принять участие в мировых гонках, а именно в ралли 2011 года. В следующем году автомобиль МИНИ все-таки примут участие в чемпионате. Он будет представлен как участник в раундах под названием World Rally Championship (WRC), а к 2012 он уже должен принять участие абсолютно во всех соревнованиях чемпионата. На World Rally Championship будет отправлен автомобиль MINI Countryman WRC, он был специально разработан компанией Prodrive вместе с концерном МИНИ. Базой для новинки послужил автомобиль из серийных моделей. Под капотом гоночного автомобиля...